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visual voicemail

  1. M

    iPhone 12 mini No Visual Voicemail no iPhone 12 Mini?

    Wife and I recently upgraded from the iPhone Xs to the 12 Mini (2 separate devices). When we upgraded, our voicemail accounts were completely gone. Had to call AT&T technical support to get them to turn voicemail back on. Now that voicemail is working, we've found that visual voicemail is not...
  2. R

    iPhone Visual Voicemail - can't be deactivated?

    Ok, call me a Luddite but I do not like Visual Voicemail. It adds steps to the whole voicemail receiving & answering process & I find it is just one of those things that's a 'solution' to a problem that didn't exist. Anyhews, putting that aside... when I bought my iPhone Xs a couple of years...
  3. TomFromAndroid

    Carrier No voicemail notifications on iPhone SE

    I have a new iPhone SE running the latest iOS 12.1.4. My problem is that calls that go to voicemail leave no indication that there's a message waiting...only that there was a missed call. The phone icon shows the red badge with a "1" but when I open the phone app there's no indication on the...
  4. ATC

    iPhone Visual Voicemail Greeting

    Both my wife and I (iPhone XS and 7, both on iOS 12.1) just noticed that we can no longer listen to or change our Greetings in Voicemail section of the phone app. This is something we’ve been able to do without issues in the past. Visual VM is otherwise working fine on both phones. We’ve...
  5. D

    Visual Voicemail won’t pkay back message

    I’m having an issue with Visual Voicemail. It won’t play back the message for me. It registers that I’ve hit the play button but then does nothing If I forward the message to myself as an imessage or save it into Files, it plays fine. I’m running latest iOS version on an X if it makes a...