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  1. Z

    a visual communication designer?

    What is that title? Is the person that holds this tile the same thing as a Visual Designer or might it be something more? Or less? o_O
  2. hydejekyll

    Are any old mac OS version UI skins etc available?

    Hi, I have always loved the old classic UI of the Apple platform. I truly, truly hate the sudden loss of skeuomorphism in the UI that has been caused by Mr. Ive. I am sure he wouldn't have done this as long as Mr. Jobs was around. While I understand that many people wanted the change, I also...
  3. ChekApp

    iPhone [Free] Chek: Visually track your upcoming tasks; Instantly see days until due

    Hey MacRumors! We have an app that we believe can contribute to the Education & Productivity category Chek is a totally free app that displays upcoming tasks and due dates in a whole new way. Rather than a traditional checklist or calendar style, Chek visually shows how many days until the...