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waking up

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    Off Battery Percentage

    Before asking, my phone is new, iPhone 6S, 64GB. From the box the decrease volume button was sunken but I wasn't annoyed by this. I noticed the battery percentage is always off though. I have tried calibrating and also attempted charging advices, and I still think the battery isn't lasting...
  2. M

    iPhone SE not waking up

    I have been hitting a serious problem on my iPhone SE 64GB Space Grey (running 9.3.5, also hit it in 9.3.1) for the past few weeks which sounds identical to this problem last year affecting iPhone 6s/6s+ until it was apparently fixed in iOS 9.1...
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    My Macbook pro is frozen after waking from sleep

    I have a 2014 Macbook pro 15". Ever since I updated to 10.11.5 every time I open up my mac and go to type in my password my mac is frozen. The only thing that works is the power button and the display. I've tried letting it sit for a minute but it remains frozen. Keyboard doesn't work,touch pad...