1. J

    iPad 9.7 rugged case but can use stylus

    Hello All, Wondering if you could help. I have had a few rugged cases, dust and water resistant/proof etc. But none of them let me use a standard stylus with them. I work outdoors, I have the older 9.7 ipad, so no pencil, but all the cases I use outdoors, the screen protectors don't let me...
  2. B

    Lifeproof Fre for the Iphone XS? Any Good?

    does the screen protector lay flat on the screen? Does it distort sound? etc...
  3. c14nhl

    Apple Watch - Definetly waterproof?

    Stupid question, I know it is, but just looking for users experiences with an Apple Watch while swimming? I have the series 0 currently but will be upgrading when series 4 is available. Series 0 was never designed to go near water and I've therefore never swam with it. How has the watch held...
  4. S

    My endless iPhone X case search continues, vol 2

    I thought about adding this post to the merged iPhone X case thread, but I don't want to hijack that. At least this way people who want to ignore my post won't have to scroll past it in that thread or the responses from people who are sick of reading about my requirements. My needs are overly...
  5. johnalan

    iPhone 7 Sim Tray & Water

    Hey, I've noticed that my iPhone 7 sim tray is a fraction of a millimetre slightly unflush. It's really OCD level noticing, as its hard to see with the eye, but easy to feel with your finger. These flash based shots really accentuate the look (it's not actually as bad as it looks here)...
  6. Y

    Waterproof Case

    Since the biggest opening for water to get in is all located at the bottom of the phone, soes anybody know an effective simple case that case that can cover the bottom only? I know its a little unorthodox
  7. JacksonCraig94

    iPhone 7 Waterproof

    I see so many people wanting the iPhone 7 to be waterproof whilst I'm here thinking why?? I just don't get why everyone wants it to be waterproof. If you can't leave your phone in a safe place whilst showering/ swimming etc then what is wrong with you? I never take my phone in the bathroom or...