1. gertrud_s

    Touch Bar water damage

    Hi, I accidentally spilled water on the left side of my Macbook Pro 2017 Touch Bar. I put it in rice for 24 hours, and just now turned it on. Everything but the touch bar now seems to be working - there is just no light coming from it. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks
  2. dsudorion

    flickering backlight macbook air 13"

    I received a MacBook Air 2012 with water spill and somehow I managed to get it back up and running after cleaning all the contacts with contactcleaner. the only problem that stubbornly stays is that the backlight of the LCD flickers or sometimes the screen just turns off. removing the connector...
  3. M

    i spilled water on my macbook air help.

    Hi, the other day i was just watching a movie on my mac when i accidentally spilled water on my keyboard (top right power button) it immediately turned off by itself which made me very worried so i flipped it upside down and got some water out. i then wiped it with tissue and blow dried it on...