1. Z

    iPhone X Will Apple eliminate the notch in 2019?

    vote yes/no in the poll...
  2. koolmagicguy

    Use S1 without iPhone?

    I went with my friend to get the S1 today. She wanted an Apple Watch even though she doesn’t have an iPhone. I told her that a Fitbit would be better if she didn’t want to switch from android but she didn’t go for it. She mostly just wants to track her heart rate and get the weather. I told her...
  3. melissapete24

    406 MB Game will Download without Wifi but not 300 MB Game

    Ok, so I have been looking EVERYWHERE for an answer for this, and I have found NOTHING. At work, I plug in my iPhone to my work computer so it charges, and I have crappy service (we are in a basement). I get right around two bars of 4G; if I'm lucky, I'll snag some LTE. My iPhone is the...