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won't start

  1. confusedrose19

    Resolved 2017 Macbook Will Absolutely not Start Up

    So, my 2017 12" macbook will not start up no matter what I try. Back in september I broke the screen so I replaced the entire top portion of the laptop myself. Now when I plug in the laptop gets extremely warm. I am using my dad's 61 W charger instead of the 29 W charger that came with the...
  2. AL1630

    iMac G4 - 160 or 180 Watt PSU?

    I just picked up a 17 inch iMac G4 cheap on Craigslist, model number M6498. It doesn't work, and from what I've been seeing, the problem is most likely to be the Power Supply. When the power button is pushed, nothing happens at all, not even the fan spins up. Is this the power supply or could it...
  3. A

    iPhone 6 stuck on Apple logo

    I don't know what has happened really, when I woke up it was just powered down and then when I was opening it, it just got stuck on the Apple logo and i've been trying to restart it by letting battery die and plug it into the charger to see if it would help, but no, nothing, it just doesn't...