world clock

  1. K

    Please help: World Clock in "Today" section of the Notifications Center stopped working

    I recently upgraded to Catalia and found World Clock not working. I removed and added it back but no change. I searched around online for a long time with various key words but found nothing. Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. wozmatic

    Does anyone know how much data is used for iOS to keep time synced with the official time?

    I'm sure it's very little data, but still would be nice to see an accurate number (I don't want to know for data usage, I want to know for curiosity, and maybe how often it checks to see it's synced.) Maybe some nerd had graphed the packet data on the phone to see when and how much data the...
  3. basher

    Siri Watch Face - Sunset/Sunrise Card

    Shouldn't the Sunset/Sunrise card on the Siri watch face open the World Clock app when you tap it. Right now it opens the Weather app. Seems odd to me. Does anyone else have the same opinion? If you do, join me in leaving a comment at
  4. H

    Where has my full screen clock gone?

    I used to love having my iPad on my dresser over night, full screen showing the clock. I could access it from the lock screen but now in ios 10 all I can only get an overall world view. Does anyone know how to get the clock full screen again? Cheers