1. macduke

    My iMac 5K Pro (space gray skinned 2019)

    EDIT: Added more photos a few posts down. I installed a space gray iMac Pro skin wrap on my 2019 iMac 5K. So not only does it have a faster i9 CPU than the base model iMac Pro, but it also looks the part! I'm calling it the iMac 5K Pro. I don't think I've seen anyone else post this here, so...
  2. Y

    SlickWraps for Airpods

    Recently I bought two AirPod skins from Slickwraps company directly. After receiving the order, I noticed that one of wrap sheet has no holes. I reached out to the company and reported the issue with pictures. They responded back saying some of the wrap sheets might have missed their quality...
  3. kjparfekt

    Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus protective skin/wrap

    Way back in the day I had a Phantom Skinz clear wrap for my Palm Pre that worked really well and helped keep it from getting scratched a drop or two. Since then I've had a colored Slickwrap on my Pebble watch but that felt more like a cheap sticker than the protective wrap. Anyone have an...