1. S

    HomeKit Homekit Flaws

    So I have Phillips hue and I love it. Im eating to get a motion sensor to control them and I was looking for the cheapest HomeKit compatible motion sensor and I came across the Aqara Human Body sensor which seems perfect. However, after doing some reasrech it transpires I need to buy there hub...
  2. Z

    the Mi mouse on a mac

    Has anyone tried to work with Xiaomi's Mi mouse on a mac (which is wireless)? Is it working good? Are u happy with it?
  3. The Paul

    iPhone XS Max Why i left the iPhone

    Hi guys! I've made a new account today but i've been on the forums around 8 years. Just to comment my point of view. Why I left the iPhone? (Atm) I bought the latest macbook pro 2019. I also bought an iPhone xs Max. Everything good but one thing. What happened then? A really small issue...
  4. B

    Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air the real alternative of Macbook Air?

    http://www.gsmarena.com/the_mi_notebook_air_is_a_macbook_competitor_that_wont_leave_you_wanting-blog-19632.php Wow it seems like Xiaomi Mi Note Air goes into Macbook territory I have Macbook 12 which is very expensive and unique usb port, this Xiaomi laptop starts from 750$ with much...