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2020 Keyboard sound and volume? vs. 2019 and 2013-2017?


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Jul 18, 2010
OK, so I am now using a 2019 MBA. Unsure what I think about it. I'll save detailed thoughts for another day.

But was wondering about the keyboard sounds on the different MBA models. I've used a 2013, 2015 MBA for years. Many keys are virtually silent; others make a slight, barely perceptible, soft “plunk” sound. The only key that makes a distinct sound — a springy, clickety sound — is the SPACE bar. In general, for years, I've barely noticed the keyboard when typing. In fact, I had to spend a bit of time typing and really listening to even be able to describe it here.

In contrast, on the 2019, every key makes a loud “thunky“ noise. The space bar is deep in tone; several keys sound a bit more like the 2013-2017 space bar— that is, a springy sound; but they are ALL noisy — noticeable and distracting.

I assume I'll get used to it (hope so) (it's always bad initially when one notices a change), but was wondering what the 2020 keyboard sounds like.

Is it more like the 2019? Or, with greater travel and scissor type mechanism, does it now sound more like the 2013-2017 MBAs?


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Jun 11, 2015
Does the keyboard noise REALLY bother you that much? Sounds super picky to me to notice so much a difference that it would make it unusable for me.
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