2GB RAM for our Powerbook>?!


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Jun 22, 2005
Montreal, Canada
I am not sure what kind of PB you have but if it is 12" then you are maxed out (I think) I know that the 15" and 17" can have 2GB. Now if you have a 15/17" and want to max it out to gain speed I would not worry about it unless you are doing lots of RAM intensive things... If you are a TRUE multitasker and always have tonnes of things open then maybe it would be good. But what I would suggest is to open activity monitor over the next week and monitor RAM usage as well as page-outs to your hard drive to see if you are low on RAM. And remember that inactive RAM to OSX is just like free RAM so don't worry if most of your little pie chart is blue! If you are not low on RAM then adding more will give you no increase in speed. Good luck to you!


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Sep 24, 2005
thank you guys for your help! I do have a 12 inch so that would probably why I thought that. :)

Thanks again!