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Apr 18, 2004
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Recently it's become clear to us that there's some confusion about how this form is moderated. We'd like to clear that up:

  • This forum is moderated in exactly the same way all other forums on MR are moderated.
  • It is not in any way a problem to criticise Apple or any other manufacturer and/or their devices or systems. On the contrary; the best discussions often happen when people who have different opinions discuss.
  • No one is ever, under any circumstances, moderated for their views. If a post is deleted or edited, it is because the manner in which the opinion was stated was in violation of the rules. Bashing other systems or the people who use them and making blanket statements as if they are fact without backing them up are for example things that can result in a post being moderated.
  • No one is ever moderated simply because his or her post was reported. Moderators read and consider post reports, but many reports are made every day where no violation has taken place.

This forum is not a free-for-all to bash Apple or Android or anything else. It's a place to share opinions and experiences about devices and systems made by companies other than Apple, and/or to compare them with devices and systems made by Apple.

It goes without saying, but the rule about discussing moderation in public threads applies to this forum just as to all other forums. If you have a question or complaint about moderation, send a Contact Us form, and be specific.

Finally, we would like to remind members who post in this forum about the Rules for Appropriate Debate and the Moderation FAQ.
Not open for further replies.