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Chopping a Photos library into pieces isn’t reducing the size


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Original poster
Oct 26, 2006
My Photos library is 190GB and spans 20 years so I’m going to split it into a bunch of smaller ones. (everything is on a new SS 2TB external drive. It’s a 3 year old MacBook Pro with up to date software)

I duplicated 2000-2020 and had two 190GB files. So far so good.I opened one and deleted 2006-2020. Then I re-deleted the images in the recently deleted folder. So I have one Library for 2000-2020, and another for 2000-2005.

According to the finder I am left with 2 190GB files. I open both and it clearly indicates that one has 33k pix and the other has 8k pix yet they’re the same size.

I chopped the smaller one into two pieces and am left with 3(!) 190GB files. Disk Utility doesn’t help.

What gives?
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