Coconuts? &!^@#%&!!

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Mar 21, 2006
I like coconuts, but I can't figure out how to eat these suckers. It mainly depends on what tools I have available. I drill first to get the delicious juice to make drinks but then it gets messy.

Either a hammer or gravity does most of the damage.

And now I have shards of coconut with husk and all.

Spoons no good.
Knifes... kinda good until you almost hack of a finger... (it hurts a lot right now)

So how do you eat coconuts?


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Jan 25, 2002
Orange County, CA
The easiest way is to hold the coconut in your hand and take the back side of a sizable meat cleaver to it. It should crack, then you just have to hit it at the end of the crack until you end up with two or three pieces.

If you do it over a large bowl, you can skip the drilling expedition for the juice as it will collect in the bowl.