Difference between Data Science and marketing analytics


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Apr 23, 2004
I work for a social media startup in Asia. It has grown very rapidly to 5 million subscribers with 200k new subscribers every month. It has a similar model to Facebook but built for a different user-base. We are using CMS and marketing tools like LeanPlum and other APIs/Cloud tools to get typical social media app and user data.

Since I work with machine learning APIs and I'm comfortable with Java, Python and C++ I've been considering studying data science and analytics for a year and transitioning to the role of Data Scientist or Data Engineer.

What are the first steps a social media start up can do to perform data analytics? Could we do a lot of analytics using just Tableau, R, and Python and maybe Spark? How would the data be different than current data obtained from basic third-party CMS and cloud tools? Would a company need a data engineer before a data scientist?

If the company is not huge like LinkedIn, AirBnb or Facebook etc is there even a need for a "Data Scientist" or Data Engineer? A lot of these positions are created just to get series funding.

What technical and practical advice can you give?

Thank you.
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