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Dual 867 vs Dual 1 ghz


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Jan 11, 2003
So, the love I have for my iPod and my great disdain for MusicMatch has made me consider Switching. I have it narrowed down to either the Dual 867 or the Dual 1 Ghz Power Macs. I do not have any real need to burn DVDs. Is the increase in bus speed and proc. speed that impressive as to warrant the $800 premium on the 1 Ghz models?


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Dec 5, 2002
wait a few weeks and you should be able to get the dual 1ghz for the same price as the current dual 867. dat's what i'm doing, taking one horrible day at a time.


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Jan 19, 2002
The 867 is a great value. In a few months, you can spend the $800 on a dual processor upgrade, or you could use it to purchase 2GB of RAM, a Radeon 9000 upgrade, a DVRA05 (SuperDrive), and .mac. Additionally, the bus and processor speeds make a difference, but it is not huge for the casual user (you'll notice it most in A/V editing, HEAVY multitasking, and server based tasks).

However, I agree with the above poster that you should wait a few weeks to see if there is an upgrade.


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Feb 7, 2002
i have the new dual 867 and the new dual 1ghz. it all depends what your going to be doing. the 867 is a great buy. in just regular stuff they both seem the same. if your not gonna be doing any heavy duty program stuff go with the 867.



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Oct 9, 2002
Sydney, Australia
if you look carefully you will find that an 867 can be safely overclocked to a 1083, or 1Ghz.

basically apple has slowed down the 1Ghz FSB (167 -> 133) and used cheaper RAM.

i have an overclocked one and the only difference i notice is that my fan is now as loud as my dads real 1Ghz. but i saved AUD1500 doing that.

good luck
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