Found a bug in the reply system.


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Oct 20, 2018
When you're on a page and click the reply button in someone's post, your reply begins at the bottom of the page - with thread content above it. That portion of the sentence is in bold because that "feature" is a problem. If you're typing a reply and decide to change some of it you can select text by dragging the cursor. If, however, a new reply is posted to the thread while you are selecting text, the entire page and edit box moves down (to make room for the other reply) which causes forces you to accidentally select text that you didn't want to select. I never realized this could be a problem until it happened to me three minutes ago. I just happened to be selecting text at the exact same time someone posted a new reply, but this is a very large issue if you've written a lot of text and you're trying to do precision text selection.

I'm sorry to appear very outdated, but a webpage should never move/refresh until the viewer requests such a move - either by scrolling or pressing the Refresh button. This is a perfect example of a web developer adding a feature convenience, that we don't really need, without thinking it through.

Is it possible to make reply buttons take the post author to a reply page that is devoid any of the thread content (no chance of a Refresh)? Or, is it possible to turn off the page refreshes when someone else posts a reply to a thread?
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