Good Web Hosting Companies


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Nov 2, 2005
Atlanta, Georgia

Massive amounts of bandwidth and space are only good IF you need AND use them. Most sites rarely use more than 50 to 75 megs of hard drive space and never get anywhere close to using maximum bandwidth.
There are some exceptions, a photographer with a huge portfolio, or a musician with a lot of sound files might need and use that much space.. or a store with 5,000 items.
I have found though, that most small business, artist and other project sites only use a fraction of their space and bandwidth.
The real test for a hosting company is prompt personal service, reliability, and the actual web services they provide, that are included with each account.


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Jul 17, 2004
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I went to sign up for ASO, have we "macrumored" them?
Shared hosting orders are temporarily disabled while we wait on a server order from Sun to arrive. We expect orders to resume by next week once our new systems are installed.