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Oct 16, 2011
Hey everybody, I know there are plenty of case threads out there but I want some of your opinions as to what case I should get for my Black iPhone 4S. I currently have the Draco 4 case in black but am really annoyed that I can't use my beats headphones with it. Was looking at a few thin/minimalist cases for my phone that actually give some sort of protection but I can also use my headphones with. Something like the incipio feather and/or desmay. Any other cases like that I could get? Reviews and help would be much appreciated :)

Has anybody tried the wrapsol skins? Wondering if it will actually protect your phone from drops and impact...
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Feb 4, 2008
Honestly, just read the various reviews on this board. A lot of the cases I like have that headphone jack issue that drives me crazy. I guess you have more questions to ask yourself. A minimalist case is not going to provide much protection in the event of a drop. I have found one that is intriguing but I have not read a single review on it. This case will provide you with a minimalist design and allow for just about any headphone you can insert.
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