I jailbroke my iphone and restored, which has caused so many issues


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Mar 4, 2019
Hi guys I've looked through quite a few forums and threads and I could not find any other person in my situation. So here it goes.

I decided to jailbreak my Iphone 7+ on 11.x (I cant remember specifically). I ran this and enjoyed it, however with most jailbreaks I have performed, I got bored after a while and updated my phone. In this case I updated by going to settings and pressing update, not via itunes to 12.1.4 (newest firmware). After this installation of the new IOS, my camera is now having alot of issues. The camera app is being very juttery and laggy, and takes a long time to take a picture. The video is also effected as it is suffering the same problems. Also (one of my main annoyances) I cannot record video on snapchat, only pictures. Another problem which has arisen is that my microphone has now stopped working. I start my phone and I hear a loud static/crackle, and past that theres nothing. If I get a call, the person on the other end can hear me, however I cannot hear them. This confuses me alot since I can still play spoifty through the front facing speaker so its not hardware related.

So on the whole, I was wondering if I am able to re-jailbreak my phone onto the new ios 12 jailbreak, delete the old files including the new ones and hopefully this would resolve the issue. In essence I'm jailbreaking to unjailbreak. Would this work??? I could factory restore, however I would lose alot of my photos and music due to them not being backed up.
Lemme know guys, thanks!


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Sep 27, 2012
The cardinal sin of jailbreaking. Don't hit the Erase and Restore button in the phone. Always restore with iTunes. You're going to have to backup and restore through iTunes to fix this which will also update you to the latest iOS version.
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