iOS 8 Group Messages (All Apple Devices)


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Sep 11, 2014

Was wondering if you would be able to provide some help. I have a group chat with 5 friends that we have had for a very long time. All of the devices are Apple devices, and all of the devices have iMessage and Group Text turned on.

Phone 1 - iPhone 4S - 8.0.1
Phone 2 - iPhone 4S - 7.0.4
Phone 3 - iPhone 5 - 8.0.1
Phone 4 - iPhone 5 - 8.0.1
Phone 5 - iPhone 5S - 8.0.2
Phone 6 - iPhone 6 - 8.0.2

Here is the issue that I am experiencing:

We have a group chat started and everyone is in the group and all is fine. The group chat is labeled and named, still all is fine. After some amount of time, someone in the group chat will complain that it started a new thread, rather than replies going into the same "labeled" group. This seems to randomly happen, and its not just to the same person each time. All of us in the group message have experienced from time to time.

What we have tried:

Deleting all text threads/group messages and starting with a fresh group text. - doesn't work

Try replying to only the "labeled" group - doesn't work

Is this an apple issue or am I doing something wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Jul 8, 2008
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I think it's because the person who is still on iOS 7. With iOS 8 you have the ability to remove someone from the group message or they can remove themselves. If someone did this then it starts different groups because of the iOS 7 device.


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Aug 26, 2013
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Try making Phone 2 upgrade to iOS 8. Could be the culprit. Besides don't know why phone 2 didn't upgrade to 7.1.2. Bug fixes and all that.


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Mar 17, 2011
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i had this problem earlier as well.
What I did was I added my friends with their Apple ID only and FORCED them to change in their settings "Start New Conversation From" to their Apple ID (the one I added them with) as well.
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