iPod Jailbreaking Issue


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Oct 15, 2012
Okay first off i found this forum through google after hunting for a solution for MANY hours, and i will also clear up i am not one of idiots who can't count or anything :D i have jailbroken my iPod several times before and know exactly how to do it.

Basically im trying to re-jailbreak my old ipod touch 2G MC model, im using GPRC6 (greenpoison) - which i have used before and worked perfectly.

Before i had all these issues, back when it was jailbroken i had some issues after roughly about a year where my Cydia stopped installing things and returned red lines of code (errors) when attempting to install any kind of file through the cydia application.

So i formatted it thinking typical :apple: product had messed up and it probably didnt help me jailbreaking it.

Now what happens is it dosn't seem to enter DFU mode, the screen just stays blank, no text when im jailbreaking, no nothing... the PC picks it up as in DFU mode but i am not so sure... if anyone has any clue at all i would be seriously greatful!
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