Macbook Air or IPad Pro later this year?


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Aug 8, 2019

I just bought a 2019 Macbook Air on Amazon a couple of days ago because they had a great deal on it however I'm having second thoughts on the purchase because I've read that the iPad Pro will be getting a Keyboard. I do want to be able to hook up the device to an external monitor sometimes which is why I'm leaning towards keeping the Air however the specs on the IPad Pro are definitely intriguing. Thoughts on if I should keep the Air or wait for the Pro/2020 Air? I know they are different devices however both devices would work for what I'm looking for. Also, do you think the Macbook Air will be supported for a long time or do it seem like Apple is moving more towards the IPad to replace the laptops? Thank you


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Jul 17, 2009
Denver, co
I don't know if the Macbook Air will survive, but laptops serve a different purpose than iPads, and iPads a different purpose than iPhones.

I'd say there is a good chance for another new Macbook and iPad this year.
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