Making encrypted CDs


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Feb 5, 2002
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To reduce the likely hood of any of my "sensitive information" being compromised if my laptop were to be stolen, I have created a CD-sized encrypted disk image on which to store this information. Whenever I need to read from or write to the disk image, I enter its password, mount it, and then unmount it when I'm done with it.

I want to back this image up to a CD, encryption and all, such that when I insert the CD I will be prompted for a password before I can use it. But when I try to do this with Disk Copy, I am asked for the image's password beforehand, and the image is burned unencrypted onto the CD. If I decline to give the password, Disk Copy says "Could not recognize image.dmg as a disk image." ... Obviously it's not a pure disk image in its encrypted form, but I just want to write it raw to a CD without Disk Copy holding my hand.

I have also tried hdiutil from the command line with the same results. What I want to know is, is doing what I want to do here - making an encrypted CD - possible?



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Jan 22, 2002
i do the same thing, but i just burn the disk image file onto a CD. that way I can also put other stuff on the CD, as usually the encrypted disk image is not 700mb

possibly you could do that, and just make an automount script to open the disk image file on insert
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