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May 9, 2001
Ok, people, this is not just more of the same. This is my own view about this situation just because I was the only one saying since Octuber of last year that the G5 was not as fast as it should be and I got one and I returned it complaining that was "Overrated".

Then, after I saw Tiger working with the Core Audio and Video, I realize it was the last card Apple had to make the system "look faster" just by using regular ram as video ram, something that have been in used in the PC world for over 10 years.

But not everything is bad news about Apple getting Intel. Steve Jobs still a very smart person and the G4/G5 chip production does not depends on him! that was a product he was using that just didn't work any more.

The amazing thing would be to actually see Apple taking more advantage from the Intel than Microsoft does. Both horses running in the same track finally and Jobs will beat MS for sure.

Apple hardware may go down in price probably. I do not want to think that we are going to see Longhorn running natively on a Mac but I have no clue about that.

The important things is that us as CONSUMERS should see the signals.
-G4 in powerbooks for too long without evolution.
-G5 with little evolution.
-Dual procesors in all the lines (because one was not fast enough).
-Core a/v implementation to compensate lack of processor evolution.
-Apple cinema screens price cuts to stop complains about the lack of sppeed in the new systems.
-No Powermac TV ads because they know their product is not good.

I mean, Apple couldn't push the envelope any further, it used all the resources to hide the fact that "The king had no clothes".

All those signals were there and that mean something. The G5 was not fast for a 64bit computer, the speed you all saw was video ram. I bet that a G4 Quicksilver with full ram can run as fast as a G5 with Tiger and Core Technology.

Apple have been cutting corners for too long. They always had a incredible OS taking advantage of their entire hardware because they creates both, something that MS can not do and that make the overall system more efficient and reliable and Apple know about doing that.

I bet Jobs was having nightmares but it was about to happen eventually and Intel was there. Again, I bet Apple is going to get the best from the Intel processors as well but I can see Jobs eating his words when bragging about MS not having ready the Longhorn yet. Now Apple has to compete to develop an entire new OS that is compatible with old Mac systems + the new ones before Longhorn! What a nightmare! All the Apple applications will have to be written for both processors or probably people are going to start throwing away their G5 because no operating systems are going to be available. Let see what happens, it is a hard situation for Apple but sure they are going to resolve the issue.

I am having so much fun because this is an historic moment in computer technology.

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May 19, 2002
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