Name your computer :)


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Nov 4, 2005
Hollywood, FL
Of course I do name my computers, including my Mac.
Server: Helium
PC: Lithium
iMac: Cosma
Powerbook: Powerbook ('till I find a better name for it)


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Aug 30, 2004
West Monroe, Louisiana
4g Black Nano - "Brown's Nano"
30g White 5gen - "The Beast"
Mac Mini - "Mini"
Powerbook - "The Mac"

I know they're original, but the people using my home network aren't that computer literate, so I have to keep them pretty simple.


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Mar 4, 2005
.. London ..
Network names for my machines:

PB 15'' 1.5ghz: Excalibur (it's big, metallic, shiny and gets the job done)

iBook g3 400mhz: TinyTiny (it's tiny and belonged to my girlfriend who is 4'10'' and also calls herself 'tiny')

[was 'Excalibur Junior' formerly - who remembers the GrailQuest series of spoof choose-your-own-adventure mock D&D books?]

B+W PowerMac G3 350mhz - lives in the attic and serves files - 'Bluey'

300GB mobile firewire HD 'Mogadu'

When I was at Edinburgh University about 10 years ago, their servers were called after Scottish islands.

'Flugga' and 'Jura' (often called 'Jugga') - email servers i think.

'Islay' and 'Moray' - Account homes and fileservers.

Suprised I still remember them.. Guess I'm a real hardware geek :)

.. RedTomato..