Newbie help with 5.0.1 -back to an older version


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Nov 8, 2007
Currently have iphone 4 - ATT on 5.0.1

Sometime ago, i JB on iOS 4.x.x . i forget.

I've searched and there's so much info I can't wrap my head around it.

I need to:
- downgrade to 4.x.x
- JB and most importantly
- Unlock so i can use on Tmobile.

Can someone guide me on how to do each of the 3?



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Apr 16, 2008
At the iPhone hacks section.
If you upgraded to official 5.0.1 even if you did have shsh blobs to downgrade you will not be able to downgrade your baseband so you cannot unlock it.
So this phone cannot be used on Tmobile since there's nothing out there that can unlock it at the moment.
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