Possible! Windows 10 without Bootcamp Assistant


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Jan 7, 2014
Basel, Switzerland
This post is for those like myself who had problems with Bootcamp Assistant and want a Windows in their Mac.
The Bootcamp Assistant in several MacOS issues did not allow me to install Windows 10 in my MP 6.1 End 2013.
Why? I don't know. :rolleyes:
Since I am running now Mojave 10.14.6 kept in HFS+ for several reasons (not a clean install but upgraded) I found out that its Bootcamp Assistant did not start at all! :confused:
Again, I don't know why... but since it is a part of the OS, I found no way to replace it with a working one of a clean Mojave installation or from a previous MacOS. :(
The procedure which worked for me uses an application called "Stellar Drive Manager".
It must be run from another drive to obtain that the inner drive of a Mac (in my case there is only one) should be partitioned without losing data of the Mojave (or whatever MacOS you are running although regarding Catalina I do not have any experience and do not know if it works in this way or doesn't!).
Of course one is warned by the application that data loss could happen and no reasonable person should ignore such a warning!
So TimeMachine and bootable clone drives are the safe way to go. I advice to use BOTH! ;)
Once all precautions taken, I cut a part of my inner drive which would be used for Windows and formatted in NTFS thanks to my TuxeraNTFS installed in Mojave.
ParagonNTFS is also a possibility to deal with NTFS in a Mac but I found TuxeraNTFS better. (I use however Paragon HFS+ in my Windows to see HFS+ drives).
Then I put a double sized DVD with Windows 10 inside my external Apple Superdrive and booted from it.
The set up procedure found the NTFS partition and installed Windows 10 in it.
I had of course to install different drivers and a lot of updates and upgrades(!) and it took me a couple of days(!), but it worked and that was my goal.
So if your predicament is related to problems with the Bootcamp Assistant, know that it is not absolutely necessary in order to have Windows side by side with your MacOS.
Of course whatever you do is at your own risk. Something which worked for me may not work for other people.
However if you followed the reasonable advice to secure your MacOS with BOTH safety measures, TimeMachine AND ALSO a bootable external clone drive (which you will need anyway to work with Stellar Drive Manager as well) you should be able to prevent the unavoidable risks of any major installation as this one.
Hope this info helps other people.:)
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