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BBC B 32k

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Aug 5, 2005
London Underground widget avaliable on Apple Downloads as above posters.

Just a one up for the UK users who are so quiet here :p


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Feb 17, 2006
Coral Springs
I used to really enjoy the Fox Sports widget that posted all the scores to the games and whatnot........ I think they got rid of it though? Or can anyone shed any light on this widget?


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Aug 6, 2006
Greenwich, CT


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Mar 10, 2006
1. Quicktime Full Screen widget.
2. Here.
3. I don't need to pay $30 to get QT Pro, and Quick Time is way cooler than VLC. Live video in the dock...:D

Le Big Mac

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Jan 7, 2003
Washington, DC

I haven't read the comics page since I downloaded this. All your favorite comics, and you can go back for the ones you missed.

I'd downgrade it a bit for a lack of instructions/documentation and some interface tweaks it could use, but it's reasonably easy to figure out. And once you have it set up to your liking, it's fantastic.


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Dec 3, 2003
1) I Love Lamp Widget- discontinued, but email me and i can help u out (credit goes out to the guy, sry forgot ur name who sent it to me). Who doesn't love Lava lamps!
I Love Lamp is back, with some bugs fixed and 2 new skins. :)

Please read our blog entry for the full history and on why we removed it, and why it's back... probably to stay (the response has been great so far!).

Great to see iStat pro and nano in here too :cool:


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Dec 27, 2006
Indispensable (in my opinion) is the iTunes Companion.

Author: Knut August Johansen
iTunes Companion is a highly customizable, highly functional iTunes remote which searches for album cover art for your current iTunes track at and downloads it to your hard drive. The next time you play that track, it finds the image on your hard drive. It searches for artwork in your iTunes Library before going to You can also choose to save the art to iTunes.

The Widget also searches for song lyrics. Lyrics are saved right into iTunes, so you can also see the lyrics on your iPod. It can also publish cover art and track info as an html page to a web server.

All this and so much more - see the Widget Info for a complete feature list!
It will also correct song meta data automatically.

If I could only have one widget, this would be it.