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My first Apple Watch.

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I'll be asking for a refund if I don't look like an Olympian by the end of my return period!
Enjoy! I was sure I would hate it when I got my series 2 about 4 months after they were introduced and now I use it so much I bought a $30 charger last week when I was on a work trip so I could keep it charged, after I rushed out the door and forgot it. Mind you I've upgraded to the Series 4 now.

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Feb 21, 2012
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View attachment 954458 Series 6 Aluminium GPS 40mm. First Apple Watch so wanted to not spend too much but at the same time wanted the always on screen
If the SE causes an issue without always on I might return it for a 6. But as it’s also my first AW, I’ll see how I get on.
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My typical impeccable timing. Should arrive Wednesday so maybe I can enjoy it for a month or so.

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It will never look that clean! I’ll have a medium rare steak please.
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