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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by eyoungren, Jun 22, 2017.

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    Must be on a roll today!

    Decided to poke around again for gestures for the Magic Mouse.

    There is a universal build of MagicPrefs that does not really work on PowerPC and it's caused me problems in the past. So, tonight I decided to look around again.

    My search led me here. This site mentioned MagicDriver and had a link: http://plentycom.jp/en/magicdriver/download.html

    Well, what do you know. A site no longer there. Hmmm…

    Internet Wayback Machine to the rescue: https://web.archive.org/web/20110204053209/http://plentycom.jp:80/en/magicdriver/download.html

    Bam! MagicDriver Beta 16! Click to download (yes, it works!).

    But what's this? Beta Expires in 2011?! Ah crap! Well, I'm not one to be deterred.

    Download, open the DMG and run the app. Ugh…expired!!!!

    No problem! Show Package Contents, open the Resource Folder and voila! Run the MagicDriver package. Installed!

    If you do this, be prepared for a reboot. Boot caches get updated. A MagicDriver prefpane is installed to System Preferences.

    Now, here's the fun part!

    When you reboot Magic Driver will tell you it's expired. Just press 'Quit'.

    Open System Preferences. Go to Date and Time and roll your time back to pre-2011. Don't worry, we'll put it back later.

    NOW, you can open the MagicDriver Pref Pane without any issues. This is the critical part. Think about how you want things set up because you will have to roll the clock back again if you want to change things.

    Once you make all your changes, close the pane and then go back to Date and Time and set it back to the correct date and time.

    The pref pane will continue to function based on the settings you made. There will be no more warnings except when you reboot (just Quit and go on).

    But if you need to change settings again you will have to roll the clock back to get to the pref pane.

    Last caveat. The MagicDriver pref pane overrides the Mouse pane. So that neat little pane you had with the Magic Mouse animation is gone. But all those functions (and BETTER) are inside the MagicDriver pref pane.

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    Oh, I am SO going to have FUN with this!!!

    Lots and lots of options!!!!
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    OK Erik,
    Please remind us again what brand of coffee you drink!!
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    Death Wish during the week.

    Seattle's Best on the weekend usually.

    Although I have heard of (but know my limitations and therefore will never try) Black Insomnia.
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    I use magic mice on my leopard quick silver & my PMG5 but beyond just scrolling, have never really gone further with the gestures. What exactly are all the gesture commands? Any that you like in particular?

    I'm such a lazy magic mouser. :D
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    I do a lot of web browsing on my Macs. One unique feature of the Magic Mouse is that is recognizes swipes and taps. For instance, using your finger on top of the mouse to scroll up and down a web page. This is the only built in feature available to PowerPC users.

    MagicDriver allows you to set actions for one finger swiping, left and right, not just up and down, two finger swiping and three finger swiping. It lets you set actions for one finger tap, two finger tap and three finger tap and divides it between the front and the back of the mouse and left and right buttons. It also lets you specify what happens with a one, two, or three finger click, either on the back of the mouse or the right/left buttons.

    In all of this you can specify what happens. Open an app, App switcher, double-click, triple-click, accelerated scrolling (up to 20x), assigning keyboard commands (say, one finger right tap equals CMD+W to close windows). You can specifiy any keyboard command as well as the modifier keys (CMD, OPTN, CTRL, SHIFT).

    The default setting for two finger swiping (left and right) is the back and forward commands in a browser.

    None of this is available to PowerPC users with connected Magic Mice. So, finding this was a lucky break because it means we get closer to what Intel Mac users can do with Magic Mice - only we can specifiy WHAT our gestures do. Apple didn't build that in for PowerPC users.
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    Oh my gosh, I've been looking for this for a long time! Thank you so much!
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