Short Battery Life?


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Jul 17, 2003
My new 17" powerbook is only getting 2 hours off a full battery charge. Is that normal? Also, I think I read somewhere you're supposed to let the battery drain to 0% once so it can fully charge. However, the computer automatically sleeps when it runs low on power and never actually gets to 0. When I hit the little button on the battery one green light is always on, no matter how low the power. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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Dec 7, 2002
New Zealand
I'm not sure about your problem, but I can tell you about the battery calibration.

You're supposed to charge the battery fully, then unplug the PB and use it until it goes to sleep. Then you plug it back in, and let it charge back to 100% again. Apparently you should do this every couple of months.

I'm not sure if it matters, but it might be best if you don't reboot while calibrating, I think it interrupts the power flow when you do, although I'm not certain on this.

Hopefully the calibration will fix your problems.