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Dec 29, 2006
dallas, texas
i have these, i would hope that you can find them for less however, they are good speakers but considering the price, you might be able to find some better alternatives.

Overall, deep bass, not to bumpy and decent acoustic, a scaled down version of the Altec-Lansing FX6021's


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Jul 3, 2006
Vancouver, Canada
ok.. thanks ... well im not really an expert on speakers so i think i will just go with these because if i try to look for something else ill probably just end up getting worse ones.. im in canada so i can get them for 99.00.. does that sound resonable or i could get them in the states if it was worth it to get them there..


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Jul 29, 2006
Ugh, please stay away from the awful Creatures and the linked Altecs above. I personally owned those Altecs, and while they weren't terrible, I definitely wouldn't buy them again. Their adequate for under $50, but I wouldn't pay more than that.

As Jack Flash said, the Klipsch are outstanding for the price.

Check out the Bose Companion 2 or 3 as well. They are awesome speakers, up there with the best. In my opinion, one of the best for under $300. You can get the series 1 for under $150, which is a more reasonable price, and yet is a steal. Check them out, at least.

Other sets I recommend are the Altec Lansing FX-6021, Aego M, and Logitec Z-2200/2300.



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Feb 14, 2006
Waupun, WI
dont get logitech z-4i when you COULD be getting Logitech z2300

for the price, these are probably the nicest computer speakers you can get.