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Silly John Fatty

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Nov 6, 2012
I need this DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort adapter that I found on Amazon Germany, and it costs ca. 21€. The same cable from the same seller costs ca. 23€ on Amazon France. Okay, that's similar.

But if you order it from Amazon UK (also from the same supplier, which is in all three cases the "C2G-Store"), it suddenly costs you only ca. 9£, which is ca. 10€.

Anyone know the story behind this? I'm logged into all three versions of Amazon. Put it in by basket in all of them to see if there would be some price changes, tax maybe, or toll, or something.

I could understand if it has something to do with Brexit, but I can just simply order it from Amazon UK, so I don't understand the point behind it.


Jun 6, 2022
What country do you live in is the main question? If you’re in the UK then yeah you’d use Amazon UK, if you’re in Germany you’d use the European site, if you order from the UK and you live in Germany you’d be slapped with a massive customs fine and be waiting a long time before you even got your item thanks to Brexit.


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Jul 8, 2017
West Bend Wisconsin
Perhaps its because of the currency and exchange rates of different countries. Not everyone uses the same money system. I’m from the USA and we use dollars here.


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Nov 8, 2022
Actually on this instance the reason is you have a UK reseller selling the product at 9,47£
So Amazon is "repricing" and matching the "buybox"
There are no resellers in FR and DE - so Amazon is selling at MRSP
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