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General Android, just wow.

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by killerbee79, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Be prepared to be amazed. Be prepared for the controversy. Be prepared for the Apple fanboys to start crying and defending their precious to the end.

    But Android is better. This little bit of research sealed the deal for me on why I just became an ex-Apple iOS device user.

    Even if you love Apple and iOS, watch the videos. Learn what you could have. Learn what you are missing. Open your eyes to what you lack.

    Take a moment to watch these 5 videos for proof on just how far behind Apple is and how much better Android is. I highly recommend parts 2, 3, and 4.

    Part 1: http://youtu.be/NMiY1kSTHZw
    Part 2: http://youtu.be/Ayx4XsBaJBI
    Part 3: http://youtu.be/fsGQ_xts_Gw
    Part 4: http://youtu.be/jlPKVWv1WxU
    Part 5: http://youtu.be/Ayx4XsBaJBI
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    Already saw those videos. The guy is horribly biased. I've used Android and still prefer iOS over it.

    There comes a point when customization is just for the sake of it. This guy likes to repeat how "customizable" Android is, but I think he misses the point of what an OS should be: a platform for apps. Honestly, if I was given too many options to customize, I would go crazy over how I would want the phone to look. I'm perfectly happy with iOS's appearance.
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    Isn't this basically trolling? :confused:

    I have Android, Windows Phone, RIM and a few iOS devices as well as even Symbian and Windows Mobile thingies somewhere in my attic. I can many any of them look good by picking out specific scenarios they are good at.
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    Is he horribly biased, or are you for having eyes on the Apple side? A "bias" is in the eye of the beholder.

    Just because he's not calling iOS the "Jesus" OS doesn't mean he is biased.
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    I use to use a Samsung gs2. 90% of the time I don't even bother using any of the features listed in the videos. What I do use now on my iPhone 5 with ios6 I use 100% of the time.

    Do you know why I got rid of my android device? It isn't because it can't do anything ios can, it's because the things it can do not many care for and the things people do care for android does it in a hack style way. It's definitely jack of all trades and master of nothing. Ios looks and feels solid but you can argue it's getting so efficiently boring.

    I dont care how good android is or how bad ios is. I care about how I can use my apps and how long the battery lasts and how infrequent my phone crashes. Everything else is just extra fluff no one really cares for except to look good on a spec sheet.

    I spend 99.9% of my time in an app. Period. I don't care for live tiles, clocks, nor widgets because I use my apps 100% of the time.
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    Or just because he didn't point out all of the advantages iOS has over Android. I just stopped watching after he listed different screen sizes, which creates fragmentation as an advantage. And you seem to have your eyes on the Android side. He is undisputedly biased towards Android.
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    Well there are thought leaders and thought followers I suppose. I for one can't stand some of the restrictions Apple imposes...just because. For example, why can't I, the owner of the device decide which icons I can and cannot see on various pages? Why can't I, the owner of the device, decide the widgets I get on the screen and what I can do with them? Things Apple does sometimes drives me nuts, like on the Apple TV, Apple decides which apps and content is on there, not me. And they just change things or push or take away things as they see fit, of the fact that I cannot get rid of the #$%$^$& stupid Newstand app that I never use, no I have to put it on its own page and ignore it....so its my device, but Apple tells me whats best....somehow they know my needs, which must be the same as everyone elses.

    I respectfully disagree with the comment about an OS being only a platform for apps. While it should be a platform for apps, it should also allow me to manage my information and present it in such a way, and allow access to it in such away that it makes me as productive as I can be within my WF. My devices should conform to me, not the other way around.

    It just drives me nuts that on iOS I have to open an app for every single little thing I want to do. Shouldn't be that way IMHO.
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    I stopped watching when I realised he was flat out wrong...can't share a website on Facebook? Uhhhh...yeah you can....

    It seems like he just hasn't figured out how to use iOS as well as he has figured out how to use Android...was painful to watch as much as I did.
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    I didn't watch them and probably won't but the videos are from March/April and that was before iOS 6 and Facebook integration.
  10. lunaoso, Nov 11, 2012
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    I can't agree more. And he said that the iPad 3 has a quad core processor, which it doesn't. Even the A6X isn't quad core lol. I just can't respect the guy when he has no idea what he's talking about.:cool:

    Android is a pretty good OS, I just don't like the fragmentation and I like the Apple ecosystem and attention to detail much more. Plus, I don't really know why you need to customize it to the point of not having it be useful anymore though. I care about productivity, not about having it be "my device" and being "controlled by Apple".
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    Let me ask you a few questions about your post, if you do not mind:

    1) Fragmentation - If you buy a new Nexus 4, 7 or 10 sold directly from and supported directly by Google where you get the latest OS updates directly from Google, how does fragmentation effect you?

    2) If you customize any OS to the point of it not being useful, how is that the OS's fault? Isn't that the users fault for not knowing exactly what they want? Why would anyone customize to the point that its useless? Wouldn't you stop once you reached the point of satisfaction?

    3) So, its more productive to say, open the cal app to see your appointments next week, open your reminders app to see your to do list, then open your mail app to see your recent emails, then open your Podcast app to listen to a pod cast, then open your music app to listen to music, of then open Pages to look at a document...of and you want to know the weather, then go to notification center, and press the date to OPEN THE WEATHER APP...

    Isn't it nicer to have all that information, assuming that is important to you, on a screen or two, nicely summarized and then, if needed open the related app to work with the data, instead of opening apps only to decide if you need to do something?

    The above are just examples; but you get the idea; I could go on and on how widgets make the OS far more productive over opening apps over and over again.
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    I customise my Android phone to improve on productivity. As far as I am aware, some of the customisations I do are not possible on iOS.

    The videos do highlight the capabilities of Android. Not everyone will take advantage of all of the capabilities of Android. I certainly do not. There is a lot of detailed information in those videos.
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    What customizations do you have to improve productivity other then widgets? I never understood the point of the whole themes thing on jailbroken iOS either.
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    A widget is not a theme. For example, think desktops in OSX, that is a widget. Android has 4 or 5 desktops, each desktop can have one or more widgets. So for me as an example I have my email on one and my calendar on another. So I can swipe between and easily see my emails (and read the first few lines) and events for the week or weeks coming up. I can even scroll within the widget. All without opening an app. Then I can swipe to another desktop and see other data or other widgets all without opening apps. I can swipe between desktops and see so much information so much faster than opening and switching between apps.
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    Very bias review.

    Complains about iPhone apps having to be repurchase for iPad.

    No different from having to buy an app on Android phone and then buy the HD version for Android tablet.

    Even worst is that some of the Android app I bought on Android phone won't run on my Android tablet. My Android tablet running ICS can't run a bunch of android apps I've already purchased.

    You can share using Facebook on iOS, not that I have any interest.

    What about iOS advantages? AirPrint, Airplay. Seems that more important to me than say share on Facebook.


    Look at splashtop on the android for example. How many version are there?

    Splashtop 2 - Remote Desktop
    Splashtop Remote Desktop
    Splashtop Remote Desktop HD
    Splashtop GamePad THD
    Splashtop Remote-SonyTablet S
    Splashtop Remote-SonyTablet P

    He complains about Angry Birds space cost 99 cents on iOS and Free on Android.


    Angry Birds space Free - Free
    Angry Birds space - 99 cents (no ads version)

    Angry Birds space - Free
    Angry Birds Space Premium - 99 cents (no ads version)
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    Watched the first video and laughed a lot. Having hardly ever used an android device and spent several years with iphone, his video makes sense about the inefficiencies of iphones/iOS. I'm sure there are a few counter examples on the other side, but the mapping and ringtone problems are a big fail on iphone.

    On the other hand, his android iphones looks like a pure google nexus phone. HTC and other manufacturers tend to screw up what google designed as an experience.

    Edit: I take that back, in part 2 he start using a galaxy fascinate with android 2.2.
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    I understand what a widget is. I may have written my last post in a kinda of confusing way. My quest was more like this: What customizations do you use to improve productivity other then widgets? And then I threw themes out there as another form of customization, but I don't think themes really improve productivity. Hopefully that cleared it up.

    As a side note, I have used Android before, not extensively, but enough to get around. And coming from a heavy iOS user, I found that Android was kind of "everywhere", and not very organized for certain things.
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    Oh, yeah, different screen sizes are so bad or is it that you don't realize people have different size hands and eyesight levels. Apple loyalists seem to think a 3.5 inch screen is the perfect size whether you are a 12 year old petite girl or Lebron James.
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    Not trying to bash, but one thing I snapped out of quick by switching to Android is the mentality that an OS should only be a platform for apps. I love installing widgets in my home screen that actually do stuff without having to launch apps. A parallel to iOS would be app icons that auto update and display information. But they don't have to be 1x1 on android, they can be all the way up to 4x4. I prefer this system but maybe that's because I was stuck on iOS for so long without seeing what it's like to use this functionality.
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    Guess you are not a programmer.

    Why do you think there are so few tablet specific apps on Android tablet?
    Why do you think there are so many android apps that don't run on my Android tablet?
    Why do you think there are so many versions of the same Android app?

    It's a freaking mess cause of fragmentation.
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    Wow, so you mean Android has advantages to iOS? This isn't news, they both have advantages over the other. It's--pardon the platitude--all about personal preference.
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    Some examples of incompatibility issues with android apps.

    I have an android tablet and android phone. Tablet running ICS and phone running gingerbread. What works and what doesn't.

    Just some game examples.

    NBA Jam
    tablet - YES
    phone - NO

    tablet - NO
    phone - YES

    FIFA 12
    tablet - YES
    phone - NO

    Plants vs. Zombies
    tablet - NO
    phone - YES

    tablet - NO
    phone - NO

    tablet - NO
    phone - YES

    Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit
    tablet - NO
    phone - NO

    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12
    tablet - YES
    phone - NO

    Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
    tablet - NO
    phone - NO

    N.O.V.A. 2
    tablet - NO
    phone - NO
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    - How about auto switching your ring profile based on time/appointment (instead of tediously remembering to flip the silent switch on iphone?
    - How about having a multi-clipboard (last X number of clippings + predefined ones)
    - How about auto-changing your wallpaper periodically (only when you are using your phone)?
    - How about tapping a NFC tag and have phone automatically change settings/start up apps/etc.
    - How about auto-upload or download photos/podcasts/files/content/log/sms/links to ANY share providers (without needing to manually start apps one-by-one)?
    - How about creating "shortcuts" to any apps/predefined sms/contacts/files/links/content anywhere in the phone and needing just one tap to activate action.
    - How about using transparent icons in homescreen (so wallpaper is not obscured)?
    - How about having information in widgets that auto-refresh?
    - How about having phone performance actions automatically based on events (e.g. auto-send sms for birthday, on-off settings or run apps based on time/location, block calls based on rules)
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    How about my android tablet being able to run android apps I paid for?
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    What tablet do you have anyway. If you bought some no name tablet or something I am not surprised it can't run them. By a nexus or an asus transformer next time.

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