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iPhone 1.1.2 Firmware Released

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 8, 2007.

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    Apple has posted the download links to the iPhone 1.1.2 firmware, for direct downloading:


    iTunes has yet to reflect the new firmware, but some adventurous souls have downloaded the link manually to upgrade their iPhone.

    - Modem firmware: 04.02.13_G
    - TIFF Exploit patched (per Engadget) so JailBreakMe no longer works
    - Devices in iTunes, battery icon shows up to indicate it charges.
    - Slide for emergency call changes languages
    - International keyboard available
    - No horizontal text messaging (per villanova329)

    Article Link
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    whats new?
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    Wow, people are downloading this before apple gives it to them, and I'm planning on doing my best to avoid the thing for as long as it takes to hack.
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    Im sportin it. Waiting for my songs to update....
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    I'm waiting for this update to appear in iTunes.
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    And now, to wait for the iPod touch update. Fun Fun.:rolleyes::apple:
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    Jailbroken 1.1.1 is working just fine for me. I'll stick with that. Thank you very much.
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    what's new?

    Somebody should say what is new...
    Apple needs to give me some incentive to unjailbreak my iPhone. Otherwise, i'm not updating until February (is that possible)? i don't see any reason to update iTunes or my iPhone.
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    i have the ipsw file, how do i get itunes to recognize it? thanks!!!
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    If you have the same question, read this

    On the restore button do this: Option/Alt + Click, it will ask for the file. Go to the zip file and iTunes will do the rest.
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    Stupid questions deserve stupid answers:
    Does it work for iTouch?
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    Why don't you just wait until it's officially released on iTunes.
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    Anyone have 1.1.2 on a phone they use with iToner? I would like to update my software, but I want to know if I am going to lose my ringtones.
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    is anybody updating with a unlocked iphone with ipsf :)
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    chances are that it does ruin the current ringtone support.
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    thanks :D updating now...
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    A few people have commented over at Engadget that iToner still works, but I am yet to see any official verification.
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    why not? plus, i haven't hacked my iphone, i don't have to worry about the update breaking anything...
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    Mwahaha!!! I'm downloading now. Anyone notice any improved stability?
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    Okay how do us Window users update...
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    How about the ability to sync notes to the new iTunes 7.5 (or ANY new functionality for that matter)? If this happens then great... if not then a useless update for :apple:

    International keyboard is great... but definitely no where near being better then third party apps and customization of my own phone.
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    here's a picture of itunes once it's updated...
    notice the battery icon in the source list
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    is there any reason that apple has not made horizonatal keybord?? Its seems so simple to do yet for some reason there is no sign
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    I would say main reason for no horizontal keyboard is because it covers up too much of the screen and you wouldn't be able to see any text. That is the only holdback I see on that one...

    By the way, how is adding a battery icon to iTunes an updated feature??? Big deal, or you could just push the one button on the phone and see what the icon is on there... :rolleyes:
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    Because they we all have to listen to all of you complainers when something goes horribly wrong with downloading a firmware off of a website. Get it?

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