1. Liamda1y

    Photos App keeps crashing

    Hello, I am having some difficulty with Photos app on 10.14.5, it keeps randomly crashing - it seems to be at the same point. I have attempted a repair a few times and the same issue occurs, I have also restored from an earlier backup. To me from the crash report the IPXDatabase is causing...
  2. tif_nee

    10.14.5 - All links open Safari instead of default browser

    I upgraded to 10.14.5 and now links in Mail open in Safari instead of my default browser, Chrome. Anyone else seeing this? Its really annoying.
  3. flaubert

    Can't access Recovery after 5,1 upgraded to 10.14.5

    So, this is weird... my 2010 cMP 5,1 was running fine on 10.14.4 and firmware until last night. Last night I finally undertook the firmware update process to and the install of the full 10.14.5, no problems. At the conclusion of it all, I booted my Mac up normally and...
  4. Gregnyrfan

    ZombieLoad Vulnerability 10.14.4

    Is it possible to patch ZombieLoad Vulnerability on 10.14.4 without updating to 10.14.5? Thank you, Greg.