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  1. Jollyvideos

    Externally power Mac Mini / 2020 M1 with Teradek DC module

    Hi, I would need various expert advice. I would like to externally power a mac mini 2020 m1. Since the power supply can be easily removed I would like to switch to a 12V output in order to power it via a 14.8V 198Wh (13400mAh) V-Lock battery with D-Tap output. I spent many hours looking...
  2. RichardF

    Charging late 2016 13" MBP in car: how safe is it?

    I have ruined the battery on a rMBP 13" laptop in the past using an inverter while on the road before I knew better. The power coming out of those things is not good unless it is a Pure Sine Wave inverter. So now, I see Belkin has a USB-PD Certified USB-C Car Charger. Supports 5V and 9V USB-PD...