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  1. tensixturtle

    MacBook Pro Early 2006 Display Issues

    Hello, This is my first time posting in the MacRumors forums, but I have enjoyed reading especially the Early Intel threads! I have an early 2006 MacBook Pro that I got used. There appeared to be display issues, and when I plugged it into a monitor, there was no issue, so I replaced the display...
  2. esbardu

    Mac Mini 2006, keep it as 1,1 or upgrade to 2,1

    Hi all, this is quite a silly question but to improve the thread I am including some pictures of what one would say it's a brand new 2006 Mac Mini which is really the interesting part of this post. Mac Mini 2006 was my first Mac ever, unfortunately my old Mini died some years ago. This year I...
  3. T

    2006 imac not showing anything on screen after turning on

    Hello! So, I have a problem. My brother I live with just got a new mac pro, and i got his old 2006 mac he's been using for the last 14 years. He's stopped using it for a while and when I tried to turn it on, the power indicator lit up, but the screen did not turn on at ALL. If you have any idea...
  4. C

    How far has the MacBook Pro Come?

    I thought I would break out my 2006 15" MBP and compare it to my latest 16" MBP and see how far the Machine has come in terms of design in the past fourteen years.
  5. christiann

    MacBook Pro won’t turn on! Charges though.

    HELP-I tried all the solutions I could find online, and it has a battery, I replaced it with an apple one. Been trying for a few hours to get it running-MagSafe comes up as orange. It’s the first MacBook Pro. Images below!
  6. NZXTInerTia

    MP 1,1-5,1 Help me make my 1,1 not suck anymore, 4K Video

    Hello all, I've been using my 1,1 Mac Pro running an EFI modified El Capitan as my main media server/HTPC for about four years now and its been great. HD5870, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 4x2TB RAID-0 drives, etc. Well, I just bought a house and my 42" 1080p TV just wasn't cutting it anymore so I...
  7. V

    Black 2006 MacBook won't turn on

    I'm at a total loss here. Got this black MacBook on eBay, and I can't get it to do anything. No blinking light/chime/fans nothing. RAM is seated properly, and when the MagSafe is plugged in, it stays green. I don't have a battery, could that be it? I have several 2006-08 MacBook Pros and they...
  8. fhturner

    Mac Pro 1,1 graphics card for ElCap server duty

    Hey Folks— I have some 2006 Mac Pro servers running Mac OS X Server 10.6.8 that have done a fantastic job over the years. However, I'm considering upgrading to 10.11 El Capitan (via Pikify app hack) for some improvements in the file sharing service, among other things. We all know this about...
  9. Morgan Mac

    iMac A1207 (2006) connect to external monitor?

    Hi. I was recently given a 20" 2.16GHz Apple iMac A1207 (Late 2006) computer. Everything intact, except for the LCD screen. The fans kick into gear and the chime plays from the speakers when it is powered on, so based on this I assume it is fully functioning. Just missing the screen. I do not...
  10. 8

    Mac pro 1.1 + ssd +El capitan

    My macbook pro 15 video card is died so, i would like to use the ssd (el capitan) into my mac pro 1.1 (2006). What do i do? the idea is to boot on it and to start working. Do you think it's possible?
  11. AL1630

    Removing the front fan assembly in a 2006 Mac Pro

    I'm trying to remove the front fans in a mac pro, and the top part slides out easily, but the bottom part seems like it's stuck on something. None of the guides I've found have worked. Is there something I'm missing?
  12. KGK1234

    2006 MacBook refuses to charge or turn on

    So, I recently got a 2006 MacBook, and for a while, it worked fine. Then, the backlight only worked occasionally, and since this morning, it no longer takes a charge and won't turn on. The little light on the MagSafe connector doesn't light up, and I know the charger works as I have used it on...
  13. fayelizabeth12

    FrankenMac 2006

    Hi Guys, I hope this is the right place to post, first time here. I have an ancient Macbook from 2006 (I looked up the serial, I had no idea it was quite that old!) It has the intel core duo processor but is in reasonable health and I installed plenty of RAM a few years back. Its obviously not...
  14. paeza

    Mac mini 2006 osx 10.6.8 won't boot from window 7 cd

    Please Help. I got a mac mini 2006 1.66 Ghz core duo with 2 GB of ram for 50 dollars. So I did a clean installation of snow leopard and upgraded it to 10.6.8. Then I tried to use boot camp 3.0.4 to install windows 7 32 bit in another partition. Boot camp could divide the hard disk smoothly...
  15. basilt

    audio volume control problems macpro 2006 lion white keybd

    hello, i have macpro 2.1 with 8gb ram, osx lion and standard speaker on mac for volume output. I have a white keyboard (2005-2006 model) with volume controls top right and was working... I recently tried to remove soundfower from my hdd and definitely i messsed with some files. After restart...
  16. M

    Issue installing Win7 via Boot Camp

    Hi everyone, I have a problem installing Win7 on late 2006 iMac 20''. After BootCamp have splitted a disc onto two partitions, and system displayed information, that it started installation from the DVD, the whole process crashes. The screen becomes suddenly black, then white, and I lose...
  17. M

    Cannot install Win7 via BootCamp

    Hi I have a problem installing Win7 on late 2006 iMac 20''. After BootCamp have splitted a disc onto two partitions, and system displayed information, that it started installation from the DVD, the whole process crashes. The screen becomes suddenly black, then white, and I lose control over the...
  18. yrduougyuc

    Beefing up old iMac as Time Machine Server

    So today I dropped my external hard drive containing my backups and it's not turning on anymore. This got me thinking, carrying around my backups with me is kind of stupid (I travel quite a lot), so I had an idea: I've got a 2006 iMac at home, as well as a version of 10.6 Server which should run...
  19. fearN4UT

    My SSD not recognized in 2006 MBP

    Hello this is my first forum post ever. (My main computer is a Vaio Laptop and I have a desk external HDD.) I am posting because I was gifted a MacBook Pro 2006 non-unibody A1150 Core Duo 1.86(not Core 2 Duo). My boss didn't want it and so my wife wanted a Mac just to do simple school work on...
  20. S

    How far can you upgrade a 2006 Mac Pro Tower?

    Greetings, My father bought a 2006 Mac pro tower. Its has the Intel Xeon 2.66 dual core cpu and is running Mac OSX Lion, 10.7.5. Here are all the specs: He want to be able to run 64bit software and the latest...