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2010 mac pro

  1. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 Corrupted opencore on cMP5.1 ?

    Hei! I purchased a used cMP5.1 (2010) with Vega64, OpenCore and BigSur on it. Both OC and BS are installed on an NVMe drive (currently the sole storage on it). It is booting and running fine. I installed the latest Hackintool and found that it autodetects Clover but shows version 0 and when I...
  2. ammoune78

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 2009/2010/2012 SMC

    Hi there guys! I'm wondering how i can dump the Mac Pro's LogicBoard/CPU-Tray SMC's as well. Is there a way to dump the content of both SMC chips, using smcflasher.efi from opencore shell or anything that can be able to do that? I mean from the 3 Mac Pro's 2009/2010/2012? The reason why i want...
  3. A

    Model number of mid-2010 MacBook Pro 1680x1050 Matte Display

    I have a dead 2010 MBP and I would like to repurpose the display. To purchase a controller board on ebay I need the model number of the LCD display (not the Apple part number of the unibody display + camera + case). After considerable searching, I have only found the model number of the standard...
  4. marsrover2

    2010 Mac Pro w. Sierra won't recover from sleep

    I put the computer to sleep, when I try to wake it clicking the mouse a relay clicks from the back of the computer where the power supply is, but the hard drive doesn't spin up, I put my hand on the drive. I tried booting from my backup drive with the same results. I press and hold the front...