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2010 macbook

  1. Trippyboyy

    2010 MBP in 2017?

    so I plan on getting a mid 2010 MacBook Pro and An older iPad for $550. I don’t know what iPad nor do I really care because I’m getting it mainly for the MacBook. The specs of the MacBook are as follows 15” display 2TB HDD 2.40 gHz intel core i5 8GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Ram Nvidia Geforce GT 330m...
  2. J

    Problem with my MacBookPro

    Hi everyone! I have a MBP 15'' mid 2010, the osx that what installed in the beginning was Snow Leopard. I've been using it for all these years, and I've been downloading all the new versions until today's one (Sierra). But my computer definitely isn't working well with this new os. I would...
  3. daniel.brouns

    All internet browsers acting very slow

    Hello! I have been having a very frustrating issues with my internet browsing. It's been extremely slow. I'll try to explain thoroughly. Firstly, I am on a 13-inch, Mid-2010 MacBook Pro, running 10.11.6. I upgraded to a solid state drive a little over a year ago, which made my computer run...
  4. jgelin

    Replacing RAM in 2010 MBP

    Hello all, I have a friend whose computer was running slow. She brought it over and it is a Macbook Pro 7,1 2.4Ghz processor running 10.10.5. It had 4GB of RAM installed in it, but was only recognizing 2GB from one chip. I replaced with a known good 4GB chip for a total of 6GB but the bank would...
  5. CastingWhisper

    Kernel Panic -Mac Book Pro 2010

    So I've been having problems with my Mac Book Pro (mid-2010) with multiple restarts ranging on average of 5 a day. I am a graphic designer and while my work is saved this is very aggravating that I have no idea how to fix. Does anyone have a solution?? OS X El Capitan V 10.11.1 MacBook Pro...
  6. T

    MacBook 2010 and MacBook Pro's share NVidia problem?

    I have an old MacBook Pro from 2008 that, while its the best computer I've ever owned, it fell victim to the so-called "NVidia problem" that has become well known. My question is, will a 2010 MacBook have the same problem? I've got my eye on an old 2010 MacBook for a good price and I'd like to...