Problem with my MacBookPro


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Apr 26, 2017
Hi everyone!

I have a MBP 15'' mid 2010, the osx that what installed in the beginning was Snow Leopard.

I've been using it for all these years, and I've been downloading all the new versions until today's one (Sierra). But my computer definitely isn't working well with this new os.

I would like to go back to a previous os... what I really would like is to go back to Snow Leopard... but if it's to "El Capital" or "Yosemite" it would be also fine.

I've been checking how to do it.. but so far I couldn't find anything that works for me. I don't have a time machine backup to go back to any previous os x version, and all that I found it's how to downgrade using a time machine backup.

So I'll really appreciate if someone can give me a hand with it!

Thank you very much in advance!


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Sep 23, 2005
1) you need to backup your Mac with Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper, or something similar. NOT TIME MACHINE
2) you can roll all the way back to SL using your original install discs, by erasing the hard drive and reinstalling. You will then need to manually migrate your data back, using the backup from step 1
2a) you can visit the purchased tab in the Mac App Store to see what previous versions of OS X are linked to your Apple ID (they should all be there). Then, as an alternative to step 2, you can create a bootable USB installer using DiskMaker: with the version of your choosing, in order to get newer features like iCloud (for example).

You cannot use a Time Machine backup with any of this, as its backups will not restore to an older version of OS X.


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Feb 20, 2009
I, too, have a 2010 MacBook Pro. It's been a solid Mac.

BUT... if you still have the original platter-based hard drive inside it, THAT'S "your problem". It's just too slow to handle all that the modern versions of the OS require it to do.

Are you planning on keeping the MBPro for a while longer?
If so, you can TOTALLY TRANSFORM its performance by installing an SSD into it.

The process is easy and ANYONE can do it, if they take care and follow a few steps in order.

Go to to see what's involved.
Also -- you'll need a Phillips #00 driver and a TORX T-6 driver (cheap, at the hardware store or from online).

ANY SSD will do (don't pay extra for "the fastest").
I'd suggest either Crucial or Sandisk.

I'd also suggest you pick up a USB3 2.5" external enclosure.
Use it to "prep and test" the SSD -BEFORE- you install it.
After you "do the drive swap", put the old HDD into the enclosure.
It can become a backup.