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21.5 inch

  1. masterjorn

    Does my 2013 iMac have a PCIe storage slot?

    I bought a late 2013 21.5" iMac, with a 2.9GHz i5, a 750m, and a standard 5400rpm HDD (NOT A FUSION DRIVE!). I want to install an Apple Blade SSD, but I heard that 21.5" iMac models that came with the standard hard drive don't have the PCIe storage slot, is that true? Im fine with using a 2.5"...
  2. maximus2

    2011 21.5 inch iMac cpu upgrade

    Hello all, I was wondering if I can upgrade the current 2.5 ghz core i5 with a intel core i7 2600s without other conflicting parts like changing out the power supply. I will also try to upgrade the Radeon 6750 to a 6770 at a later date as well. Thank You!
  3. rs1007

    Imac 2011 browsers crashes when playing videoes

    Hello, i have been trying to fix my fathers imac mid 2011 21,5 for a couple of weeks now. The main issue the mac was having was that it was unable to boot. I would boot into disk utility and try to reinstall mac os but it would crash. This got me to buy a ssd with the owc thermal sensor cable...
  4. I

    iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2009, EMC 2308) won’t boot with built-in display connected

    It had a damaged 30 pin display connector (torn off by previous owner) on the logic board & also some minor damage to the 30 pin ribbon cable. I bought a replacement connector and ribbon cable from eBay, just to be sure it would connect properly. Numbers listed on eBay for the ribbon cable...
  5. Magus90

    Please help me pick the right IMAC for light video editing

    Hey There, I am looking to do some light editing for youtube. I am going to have a small retro games channel that will have 1080p videos shot from my DSLR and gameplay footage from a capture card, also 1080p. I had gotten the 27 inch IMAC a few months back, but i am disabled so it literally...
  6. JasonTran1992

    Imac 21.5 4K 2017 Ram Upgrade

    Hello everyone, as I mentioned on title, I want to upgrade ram for my iMac 21.5 4K 2017. Can anyone give me recommendations? what brand should I buy? Corsair or Crucial? Anybody did before?
  7. gabrielsanz

    4k 21.5" iMac. Fusion Drive vs HDD + external SSD?

    Hello all, This is my first time in this forum and I am sure this question has been asked a lot but I cannot find an answer to my specific question. I am about to purchase a 21.5" 4k iMac and would like to know if getting the base model with the 5400rpm HDD and booting from a thunderbolt...