1. seenew

    can't get my new 4K monitor to display correct resolution/scale

    Hi all, I just got a new 27" 4K monitor from NEC when my old Apple Thunderbolt display died. I was wondering if there is a way to have OS X display at the same scale as it did on my old 27" display. Right now, basically the two only real options I can see are "3840x2160 (low resolution)," which...
  2. Green_Plums

    Mac Mini 2560x1440

    Hello! New-ish to Mac's. Does the 2014 Mac mini, what HDMI port version does it have? Assuming it wont support 2560x1440 from what I've read so I'll need to use a thunderbolt port that anything bigger than 1920x1080? Am I correct in thinking a standard mini displayport cable to standard...
  3. jcbbuller

    Macbook Pro (Mid 2015) retina display 2560x1440 w/ HDMI?

    Hello, I own a Qnix 2710LED 27" monitor which I currently use a Dual Link DVI adapter (the $99 dollar type) to get a 2560 x 1440 resolution with my mid 2015 Macbook Pro w/ retina display. I was wondering if anyone knew if I could get the same resolution using an HDMI cable? The monitor supports...