2.6 ghz

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    Macbook Pro 15" 2018 Fans running high

    Hi there, I upgraded to a new 15" Macbook Pro 2018 from my 2012 retina model. I mainly work with audio software. When running the same project on both machines, the new macbooks fans run considerably louder. When comparing in Macs Fan Control, it shows that the new macbook has a CPU temperature...
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    Are these stats normal after throttle update?

    Hello, Yesterday I bought a 2018 macbook pro 2.6 i7. When I came home I installed the new throttling update. Now my question is the screenshot below normal for a computer that had the update? Kind regards
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    WTH is the difference between i7 2,6Ghz vs i7 2,9Ghz?

    Hello guys, I was wondering who could explain me what is the difference between the i7 2,6Ghz and i7 2,9Ghz on the rMBP? I mean.. Will I really feel the difference? A friend of mine told me: "take the highest processor, this is the only thing you can't upgrade". I fully agree, but 380€ more...
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    13" rMBP Late 2013 2.6Ghz 256ssd - Does this model really exist?

    Hi all, While trying to find a good bargain on a rMBP in eBay, I found this technical specs on a couple UK models: 13" rMBP Late 2013 2.6Ghz 256ssd 16GB. Looked pretty good to me. The weird thing is that I've checked on Apple's website, and macrumors website, and both state that this...