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  1. uimike

    AMD MSI 560 will it fit my cMP 2009?

    I am thinking about replacing the Nvidia 640 (flashed) I bought from maccvid, as I am losing faith that the Apple vs Nvidia Cuda update will be resolved that soon - and I looked at the AMD MSI 560 - but I heard conflicting reports on its height - double height, more than double height... I have...
  2. N

    Graphic glitches on MBP 2017 15"

    When using my MacBook Pro 2017 with the 560 GPU I see graphic glitches every day. This happens especially while using zoom. I attached an example. Another example while not using zoom
  3. fb3993

    Macbook Pro 15 2017 - Graphic card issues

    Hi all, I have recently purchased a Macbook pro 15' 2017, with Radeon Pro 560 graphic card. I have noticed that after I wake up the laptop from sleep, the graphic card does not fire up and I need to restart everything if I need to use it. Is anyone else experiencing this? And is there any fix...
  4. Magus90

    Please help me pick the right IMAC for light video editing

    Hey There, I am looking to do some light editing for youtube. I am going to have a small retro games channel that will have 1080p videos shot from my DSLR and gameplay footage from a capture card, also 1080p. I had gotten the 27 inch IMAC a few months back, but i am disabled so it literally...
  5. M

    Design & Planet Coaster RX 560 or 580?

    Hi, (when saying RX I mean Radeon Pro, sorry!) Does anyone here have experience playing Planet Coaster through Boot Camp on the RX 460? I'm trying to decide to sell my 13 inch MBP (i7 2016 tb) and buy the 15 inch MBP with 560, or keep the 13 inch MBP and buy an iMac with the 580. I'm going to...