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5k imac

  1. ondert

    Can I install Windows on external TB3 drive?

    Hello, I’ve got already a TB3 enclosure which accepts m.2 NVMe ssd. This one to be specific; I have used this to install Windows on it and boot from there on my 2017 and 2019 5k iMacs. However, then I moved to 2020 5K iMac and couldn’t do the same thing...
  2. Andy5Kimac

    Which TIM to use for delidded i7 7700k?

    Hello. I purchased a used delidded i7-7700k and will upgrade my i5 2017 5k iMac. I want to relid the cpu and was wondering which Thermal paste is best to use besides liquid metal? (Previous owner used LM). Also this is my first time relidding a cpu. I have the delid/relid tool and will reseal...
  3. R

    How to set 2020 27 inch iMac as win10 laptop monitor

    Hello everyone, I wanna set my newst 27inch iMac as the monitor of my dell laptop, I connector the two with the thunderbolt3 wire, but nothing happens. Command+F2 doesn't work also, some articles say the new iMac won't support as External monitor, I wonder whether there is method to implement that.
  4. TechInit

    2014 iMac Retina and Video Editing

    Okay, so I'm investing in a 2014 5k iMac with a Core i7-4790k, however, I'm having some issues... I'd like to edit 1080p, perhaps 1440p video with this iMac, however, I've heard that the R9 M290X with 2GB of VRAM just doesn't cut it for video editing. The M295X with 4GB of VRAM is apparently...
  5. itsjustdibella

    Can you build an iMac??

    I've been researching upgrades that can be done to a 2017 27" 5K iMac...putting in a 1TB NVMe SSD blade and large 8-10TB 3.5in HD, 64GB RAM and CPU upgrade (3.4GHz to 4.2GHz) and then I thought.... CAN YOU BUILD YOUR OWN iMAC??? Has anyone?? In would fit I'd think between 2017...
  6. R

    Is it better to run MacOS off the provided Fusion Drive or off an external SSD?

    I just got a new 5k iMac. For specific reasons (living in a third world country and restricted time as i was on vacations) I had to get the 27 inch 5k base model. I did a 32 gb ram upgrade and bought an external ssd. Im currently running Mojave off the ssd with no problems, everything is pretty...
  7. E

    i9 without Vega?

    Hello everyone, I am currently considering to buy a 2019 iMac with core i9, but without Vega (as i don’t play games nor edit videos). Am I likely to get more heat problems with this configuration compared to the more common i9+vega? Or any other problems? Thanks!
  8. E

    Which iMac is right for me?

    Hello everyone, I am having trouble to know which new iMac and configuration is best for me. I am a finance student and I often use a lot of statistic and finance programs on my computer. I use my computer a lot, and, as I have no TV, I like to watch all my movies in 4k on my computer. Apart...
  9. macduke

    I now have an iMac Pro and maxed out 2019 iMac. AMA.

    A beautiful new base model stock iMac Pro just showed up at my work. It’s a surprise because I was originally denied an upgrade to the Pro version but I think my boss’ boss pulled some strings. I also recently purchased a maxed out 2019 iMac 5K for home use. So I’m in a bit of a unique...
  10. JoeTaylor

    "Developed a Problem" Forced Shutdowns

    I'm getting a dreaded message after forced shutdowns that my early-2016 5K iMac "developed a problem." I'm sending the info to Apple, but it's happening more and more, usually with more intensive apps like FCPX and Lightroom. It's gotten to the point that it crashes with only a few minutes of...
  11. macduke

    What 2019 iMac Did You Order?

    If you got one, post which 2019 iMac config you ordered! I ordered the following config and saved some money on RAM since it's user upgradable: 27" 5K 3.6GHz i9 8-core 8GB RAM Vega 48 2TB SSD Why did I go with this config? I didn't like that the i5 was the second best option, had the same...
  12. A

    Mac 5k 2017 and Windows 7 (virtual no)

    Hi. I have been trying to install Win7 for Mac for a long time, but I can not. I know Win7 does not support Mac 5k 2017 Apple or Intel and the men use the virtual. So what I've tried all over here. I created a fat32 partition in a disk utility. I'm holding alto in boot and I have Win7 in...
  13. C

    Should I buy a used 2014 5K iMac or an LG Ultrafine 5k display?

    I have a maxed out 2017 MacBook Pro 15 and need a new external display. But those LG's are SO EXPENSIVE. I can buy a maxed out late 2014 5K iMac for just a few hundred dollars more. I would just use the iMac when I'm at home and the MacBook when I'm at the office or out since I know you can't...
  14. Z

    Overclock iMac CPUs

    I browsed through some Geekbench scores and stumbled across this: A 5K iMac, i5-7600K running with a base clock of 4.4 GHz (instead of 3.8GHz) Single-Core: 5849 Multi-Core: 17959 I'm curious how to achieve this? As far as I know, the i5-7600K does...
  15. D

    Wallpaper Folder size limited?

    With the 5k iMac its hard not to want a billion photos in my wallpaper folder, but after adding a bunch, and going to system preferences to manually cycle through and see how they look, massive sections of them simply aren't there to be selected, even when they're clearly in the file in finder...
  16. A

    iMac Random Shutdowns - PSU?

    Experiencing intermittent shutdowns/power loss with a late 2015 5K iMac (i5 3.2ghz/M390/flash storage) Haven't been doing anything GPU or CPU intense, it's happened at random times, and even when it's sat at the login screen. It won't turn back on immediately, had to pull the power cable a...
  17. N

    iMac 5k 2014 won't boot/turn on

    Looking for ideas on how to fix my iMac, it's a 5k 2014 that will no longer boot. It all started one morning when I'd put it to sleep the evening before, when trying to wake it, nothing happened, and the power button did nothing too. Randomly managed to get it to boot later that day, would...
  18. C

    getting a new imac is this good specifications

    my current mac is iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011) I am doing photography and I want an imac for the future aswell 4.2GHz quad-core 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.5GHz 32GB 2400MHz DDR4 2TB Fusion Drive Radeon Pro 580 with 8GB video memory Magic Mouse 2 Magic Keyboard -...
  19. Rasta4i

    4K multicam Video editing... can the iMac 5k 2017 handle it?

    I need a desktop Mac for video editing in FCPX I currently have 2016 MacBook Pro, we are starting a photography and videography company that handles the production as well. We will be working with a few cameras that record in 4k, Panasonic gh5 (4k 60fps) two of those plus another Panasonic...
  20. Jawads

    Apple 4K / 5K

    So I learnt from Apple Support, that the iMac 5k is NOT compatible with Apple (finally) available 4K content. Also, that 4K YouTube is not compatible with Apple 4K TV. This is an absolute joke. I bought the 5K iMac thinking I would be ahead when the 4k content was available, but alas not. What...