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advice macbook pro retina

  1. D

    Which 2013 15" MacBook Pro is Best? (Buying Advice Needed)

    Hello, I need buying advice from all of you MacBook Pro experts. I use a 13" 2010 MacBook Pro. I do quite a bit of Photoshop work and some Adobe Illustrator work too. I occasionally do wedding photography and have a strong interest in fine art. I have upgraded the storage and memory in my...
  2. Wek

    I need an upgrade

    Hi I have the MacBook Retina PRO mid 2014 13 inch 2.6 I5 8 GB 250 GB Flash, and I love it. The only reason I'm thinking of upgrading, is because I would love to have a bigger screen, 15 or 17. But the specs are fine. Could you recommend a model with same or almost same spec, but just a bigger...