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  1. S

    Do RAM upgrades make less sense for M1 machines?

    With new M1 Macs, we only get two options for the RAM: 8 and 16GB. My current daily driver is a base model of MBA 2017. With many tabs open, Pages, Preview, etc., it is starting to feel like it's not enough. Next week I'm getting M1 Air with 16GB of RAM (well, 99% sure of that). We all know...
  2. upintheclouds

    Am I on my own when I say I would love to see a 17" Air M1?

    Who here would like to see an AirM with a 17" display? Maybe it wouldn't be under the "Air" name, but I would like the bigger screen with the specs and form factor we see on the current AirM.
  3. willjl88

    MB Air M1 running Logic Pro

    I've been waiting for a new MB for a long time. I've been using my MacBook Pro 2011 for a while for general work but also use Logic Pro and, unsurprisingly, can't take it anymore. I'm not an intensive user of Logic, typically with only 10 tracks on the go and mainly the built in plug ins, with...
  4. D

    FCX: MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro

    Hi all. Getting ready to upgrade my laptop following this week's Apple Event. I use my laptop for mostly basic tasks except for Final Cut X. I'm an amateur content creator, working mostly with video shot on the iPhone and doing simple edits in FCX. I am beginning to step up my FCX game though...
  5. P

    All iPads iPad Air 2020 speakers

    Now, I have the iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) and I want to buy iPad Air (2020), because of display problems. But I’m afraid, that iPad Air’s speakers are not good enough and a lot worse that my iPad Pro’s speakers. What do you think? Is there such a big difference between these two?
  6. S

    How to upgrade Storage in MacBook

    Hi Friends, My cousin got this MacBook Air and now he is unable to sync the iPhone because of some storage issues (he thinks), however he would like to upgrade the storage now. How do we go about that? How to find out if it supports a M.2 or Sata one though the site says configurable upto...
  7. AjTee

    iPad New iPad Air vs. New iPad Pro

    Hello, Apple today presented new iPad Air with A14 processor which design is very similar to iPad Pro. What do you think which of them is worth buying base model iPad Air 2020 or base model iPad Pro 2020? Considering new iPad Air :) Awaiting your opinion. Regards, J.
  8. Lawson Tyler Robic Burke

    2020 MacBook Pro vs 2020 MacBook Air

    Hi, I am wondering what laptop would be best for my needs. The MacBook Air 2020 i5 16gb RAM or the new MacBook Pro i5 16gb RAM. The MacBook Air intel is 10th gen but the pro is only 8th and same with the MacBook Air RAM is faster then the pro in the base model. I need the laptop for university...
  9. ctjack

    Macbook Air has 500+ nits under Bootcamp Windows

    According to this MB Air 2020 can give more than 500 nits of brightness under Windows OS without losing color accuracy. Just FYI.
  10. S

    Thunderbolt 1 to usb c monitor

    Hi all, I’m new here but would love some help. I have an early 2014 MacBook Air that has thunderbolt 1. I have just bought a new dell usb c monitor.(Dell U2419HC) I want to connect my 2014 MacBook Air to this. What is the best way to do this? The monitor has a built in hub(with 4 downstream...
  11. DeconstructThis

    MacBook Air (2020): i5 or i7? Why?

    Hello everyone. I’m new to the site and I’ve been a Mac user for the last 15 years. My job is forcing me to use a PC so I no longer use 15-inch MacBook Pro’s for everything. I want to purchase the air, but I can’t decide between the i5 and the i7 model. After doing a considerable amount of...
  12. I

    Clear Matte Skin for 2020 MacBook Air

    I just ordered a 2020 MacBook Air and was looking for a clear matte skin for the top/bottom case, sides, palm rest, and trackpad. I saw one from BestSkinsEver, but it’s for the 2018-2019 MBA. Same with Slickwraps, except I’m not sure if their “full body” kit includes the palm area. I’m guessing...
  13. G

    MBA i5 or i7?

    I wonder what the differences are between the i5 and the i7 CPU in the new macbook air. 1.1ghz with 3.5ghz boost Vs 1.2 with 3.8ghz boost. Are those numbers the only difference? Or does the i7 have more threads or other benefits? Other question: What is the model number on the Iris Plus...
  14. Reflej0

    Help Macbook Pro 2013 or Macbook Air 2015

    Hello, thanks to this post, where I was convinced to buy the 2011 MBP and received answers about why not buy it. I decided to add some money to my budget, and now there are these options: Macbook Air 2015 13" I5 1.6 256GB 8GB. Macbook Pro 2013 13" I5 2.6 256GB 8GB. Macbook 12" Core M 1.2 256...
  15. FreeWoRLD83

    Brand New 2019 Macbook Air - 8 Battery Cycle Counts at 97%

    Do you think this is a warning sign to see already 97.6% (according to coconut battery) with 8 battery cycle counts?
  16. absente

    Late 2012 13" A1369 - Is this a display problem?

    Please see attached pic. 1) The symptoms started out as a very small black "blob" - over the months it increased in size up to the point you see in the attached photo. It seems pretty obvious to me that I have to change the screen, yet I just want to make sure it's not a different problem...
  17. S

    2019 MBP or MBA 256GB

    Hi all. I've been using a 2008 MB for a while now and it's time for a new machine. I've been looking at both the 2019 MBP and the MBA. 256GB storage is the minimum I'll go and AU$2000 is my absolute limit (MBP is available at AU$2069 which is ok, MBA is AU$1799). Now I do like the size and...
  18. haralds

    Smaller DropBox Client for older 4GB Air

    My Mid 2011 MacBook Air has 4GB or RAM. But this is squeezed by DropBox's current client, which is huge. Is there any older client still around. I do not want the fancy features, just sync in a small footprint.
  19. Roykatz

    Buying 2019 MacBook Air but Have concerns over the keyboard

    Hello everyone, I want to get a 2019 MacBook Air for my next year in college but I have concerns about the keyboard. I know that it’s supposed to be more reliable than previous models but I’m still worried about it because of the high cost of the product. what do you think? Should I be worried...
  20. C

    I need some help with Macbook Air and airplay

    Hi! I'm sorry if my English is bad, it's not my native language so I hope I'll make myself understood. I'm also very new to posting on forums online so I hope I don't do anything wrong here. Heh.. I've been wanting to buy a MacBook Air (2019) because of portability, battery etc. The thing is...